About Us:

Swatts & Co is a full service, design studio based in Grand Rapids, Michigan offering design services from conception to installation.  We do all things design: art, furniture, interiors, exteriors.

We are a HGTV Designer Of the Year nominee twice over. We take our work very seriously, and life a little less so.

We believe that both life and design should be full of adventure and some risk to keep things spicy.  Let someone else be boring.

You may not have the time, energy, or inclination to design an amazing house…we do and if you hire us, you won’t have to worry about what type of light switch plates to choose or what size toilet works best for your space and family. 

We don’t believe in cookie cutter design…nor do we believe that everything has to be the most expensive.  We use a hi-lo method, which mixes higher priced items with lower priced items to get you the best bang for your buck. We love to create new treasures out of old items, whether that’s having a piece you own refinished/reupholstered or finding other vintage items so your place is one of a kind.

No matter if it’s a full gut-job renovation or simply a one room refresh, we want you to experience what we experience when we walk into our house…a sense of calm and joy because your house is just how you always pictured it.  A sense of relief so great, it supersedes the curse word you’re about to utter because you just stepped on a lego. 

We understand that full service design isn’t an option for everyone, so head over to our “Services” page to find out an option that works for you. 

Our Team:

Lead Designer: Susannah Watts

After a stint as a rodeo clown and a failed career as a professional midget tosser, I’ve found my abilities are better suited to creative design and giving people good drugs. 

My obsession…er, passion for details is rooted in my background as a Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA).  I have been a nurse for 15 years and have a MS in Anesthesia from University of Michigan- Flint.  Jobs can be stressful, but coming home shouldn’t be.  I can’t make your job not suck, but I can help make your home not suck. 

I started in the design world 18 years ago, refinishing furniture in my apartment living room. Over the years, this progressed to large scale, whole house renovation projects and custom furniture design. 

I’ll never understand traffic jams, rude people or parking garages. I’ll eat anything that has fresh cilantro in it.  I have a fondness for travel, koala bears and the Spanish language.  I’m a lover of spontaneous adventure, my family, and last but not least- candy corn (the pumpkins are the best).

Also, wine.