Step One: The Discovery Call

You’re busy and want your home to look amazing, but you don’t even have the time to find an interior designer much less figure out how the process works. The first step for everything at Swatts & Co is a discovery call. It can be the first step for a full scope design project or can be the first step to get some help & advice for your DIY project…we can help you navigate the best next steps in your project. Purchase the “Free” call, take our questionnaire and get on our schedule!!! That’s ALL!

Step Two: Design Consultation

This is always after the Discovery Call. What does a consultation entail?

This is a working, in-depth home visit, in which we’ll get together in your home to explore your needs and desires for your space. We will give you our professional recommendation for your project during this meeting. This may include:

  • A walk through of your home

  • The 3 F’s- furniture, fabric, and flooring.

  • Space planning and a discussion of each room’s function, the existing furniture pieces, and new furniture recommendations.

  • Paint color selections & color schemes

  • Window treatments

  • Lighting Design

  • Accessories

  • And more- such as built-ins, additions, and ceilings (it’s the 5th wall in the room and is often ignored)

  • Answering any questions you may have

INVESTMENT: $369 for up to a two hour consultation.

Step Three: Select the service that’s right for you

Not all design projects are created equally. We believe that you have a choice when it comes to how you work with us. See the the options below to learn more about that level of Design Service .

Designer on Call

Feel confident to take on some big projects by yourself but think you might just need some help making decisions? Have some extra time on your hands to try some DIY projects? Try our Designer-On-Call. You can purchase blocks of time in 10 hour increments, and have us do as little or as much work as you want. If your project is in the Grand Rapids area, then this can include time in person working on project together, shopping for home items together, emails, facetime, finishing touches such as styling or hanging pictures, etc.

If you don’t live in the area, our Designer-On-Call is a great option for “e-design/virtual design” projects. We communicate by phone, facetime, email, and use our project management software to keep everything straight for both parties. (If you do not live in the Grand Rapids, MI area, and need more help than this service entails, see our ‘Full Service Design’ below.)

INVESTMENT: $1500 for 10 hour block. Click below to purchase and Email to schedule

Full Service Design

Our Full Service Interior Design service includes everything needed to design and manage your project from start to finish with attention to every last detail. This service is completely customized to your unique project needs, and works for a single room or an entire home. It starts with a discovery call, then the consultation and assessment follows. It ends with a fully installed design, which may include renovations, new construction, architectural features, custom designed and upholstered furniture, custom window treatments, wall paper, art work, flooring, accessories, and paint.

Throughout the process, we'll do all the heavy lifting and manage all details, including selections, ordering, tracking, receiving, inspecting, and installing furnishings and materials – all while working with your timeline and budget. Our goal is to transform your home into a functional and beautiful space.

We are based in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, but also take on projects throughout the United States.

INVESTMENT: The investment is calculated based on scope of work. To begin, “purchase” a free discovery call and take our questionnaire.